About us

Who are we?

Created in 1998, ASSOAL is a social organization supporting local actors and development processes.

What is our common vision?

By 2035 ASSOAL aims to be recognized nationally and internationally as a leading advisory partner in promoting governance and sustainable development sensitive to climate and to economic and socio-cultural rights.

Key mission

Contributing to the territorialisation of development policies through three-dimensional multi-stakeholder partnerships that prioritizes participation, citizen engagement, respect for citizens' economic and socio-cultural rights and the fight against climate change.

What are the goals?

ASSOAL's strategic objective 2019-2028 is to promote the Participatory Budget (PB) as a mode of governance sensitive to climate change at the local level that can strengthen the realization of the economic and socio-cultural rights of all citizens.

Three reasons to engage with us:

A platform of ideas and proposals to rebuild public policies, local governance and decentralisation on citizen engagement, accountability, ownership of rights and social responsibility; A citizen campaign to mobilize for the territorialization of public policies of social housing; An innovation laboratory to test alternative models of governance, sustainable and climate sensitive development.